Mushroom Estate, Off Kiambu Rd

+254 711 627087

Mon - Fri 9:00-17:30

As Teen Challenge Kenya, our vision is to see an addiction free society for Christ. We aim at transforming lives; one person at a time. Our mission is to disciple and empower people in addiction, support their families cope and equip communities proactively fight and prevent addiction. We currently have three centers; a men’s center in Nakuru (pipeline, along mzee-wa-nyama road near JB drilling,). This campus has a capacity of 50students. The other two Centers; a separate men and women’s center are along Kiambu road in the Mushroom Garden Estate. Their capacities are 31 and 16 students respectively. The contacts for each center are as follows:

  • TCK-KIAMBU MEN’S CENTER – TEL: +254 711627087
  • TCK WOMEN’S CENTER – TEL: +254 791500735
  • TCK NAKURU CENTER – TEL: +254 713908708
Kiambu Men Centre
Kiambu Women Centre
Nakuru Centre

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