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Allan Kariuki (Allan Disciple)

My testimony is a reflection of a life marked by struggle and darkness for around 10 years, but ultimately transformed by faith and redemption. Born on May 22, 1995, and raised by a single mother, my early years were marred by the tragic introduction to sexual activities at a young age. Despite these difficulties, I held onto a big dream nurtured by my intelligence. However, as I entered high school, I became entangled in the destructive world of drugs, leading to poor academic performance and eventually culminating in drug peddling during my university years. My life spiraled out of control as I indulged in marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes, khat (mirraa), heroin, codeine, prescription pills, and chewing tobacco, while my sexual appetite and activities became uncontrollable.

This path led to expulsion from two prestigious universities, leaving me with nothing to show for four wasted years. I delved into a life of crime and joined a gang briefly, stealing from my own family and becoming violent. The consequences of my actions landed me in police cells numerous times, and I sank into despair, attempting suicide twice and experiencing self-induced schizophrenia with demonic attacks at night. Days without eating and nights spent on the streets were a bleak reality. However, a turning point came on May 15, 2019, when I made a decision to change my life and joined Teen Challenge rehabilitation center. On my birthday, May 22, 2019, I surrendered my life to Christ. This marked the beginning of a challenging yet beautiful journey of salvation, during which I experienced a relapse but found restoration through Jesus Christ. I cherish every failure in this four-year journey because, with Christ as my Master, even failures became gains as He remains steadfast to lift me up whenever I call upon Him in prayer.

James Mwaura (JK)

James Kariuki Mwaura was hooked to alcohol and heroin for around nine (9) years. When he came to Teen challenge Kenya in 2020, he was at his rock bottom. “I needed a better life, I was tired of the addiction. Today, I’m grateful to God that after surrendering to Him, I am more productive; I’m a family man doing ministry as I run a business.’’