Our History

Teen Challenge Kenya is part of global ministry that began nearly 60 years ago .


A look in the past..

When did it all start?

Teen Challenge Kenya (TCK) was founded in February, 2008 under the able leadership of John and Anne Martin, the then executive directors. Having worked with street children and the less privileged before, these couple had a clear desire to see true transformation and restoration. The center opened its doors in 2008 at Ridgeways, Kiambu behind Nakumatt and had its first success story in 2009. From there, the center boasts nearly 200 graduates commissioned over 11 graduations with a success rate of over 80% of the students who successfully finish the 12-months program. Teen Challenge has further grown from one men’s center in Nairobi to the three (3) current centers with an aggregate capacity of 85 beds, a great feat indeed. 2 centers are located in Kiambu with a total of 46 students that is to say, 13 of those are from the women center and the other 33 from the men center. Finally, the Nakuru men center has a total of 50 students as well making a total of 96 students enrolled in Teen Challenge Kenya. Teen Challenge Kenya has a philosophy which states that addiction is not a disease but as a result of bad choices we make. Therefore, good choices good life and bad choices bad life.