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Are you searching for answers regarding your loved one’s use of drugs or alcohol? Are you unsure about whether their use of substances can be classified as addiction? Do you wonder if you did something wrong to cause your loved one’s addiction? Are you frustrated that your loved one doesn’t seem to care or want to stop their behaviors, despite how they impact the family? Are you looking for a way you can help? Could you be the one who’s looking for help in the above areas? Teen challenge exists to put hope within reach for anyone struggling or has a loved one struggling in the areas mentioned above. Give yourself or a loved one a second chance at Teen Challenge of Kenya. The basic requirements narrow down to-;

  • Having a willing heart that is desperate for change and also have a willingness to consider a faith-based approach
  • Be eighteen years of age and above and have a willingness to commit to our twelve months’ program.
  • For more details on admissions, kindly contact us on the platforms provided and request for entry procedures, program details and admissions requirements. Although many potential students do not initiate contact with potential programs during the admissions process, we will want to speak directly with the applicant.

Please understand that it is your responsibility to provide transportation to and from Teen Challenge.


Upon admission, this is what you can expect at Teen Challenge-:

  • Immediate removal of all addictive substances
  • A daily well-structured program
  • Limited off property privileges (passes can be earned)
  • Limited outside contacts (internet, phone calls are monitored)
  • A community of love and acceptance that will help become the person made you to be.


  1. Our Services

As TCK, we are passionate about making a difference in the Kenyan society in regard to drug and substance abuse prevention.  Our vision is an addiction free society for Christ. Our mission is to disciple people in addiction, support their families and equip communities to proactively fight and prevent addiction.  

In addition to offering residential services to those who are in active addiction above eighteen years, we run prevention programs in learning institutions, churches, government and non-governmental organizations and corporations, with an aim to arrest the initial alcohol and substance use and create awareness on the risks and dangers it poses.

Below is our rate card for our services-:

Rate Card for Services Outside of Teen Challenge of Kenya



1.     Residential program for men and women


2.     Counseling Session in the Center for people in addiction (not in the program) or their parents/guardians/sponsors (men, women, parents)


3.     Counseling session outside the Center for people in addiction or their parents/guardians/sponsors (men, women, parents)


4.     Student counselling post (non- completion) follow up


5.     ALUMNI follow up (after care)

No charge

6.     Resident mentorship


7.     Prevention program session for students, teachers and parents – Public schools – within Nairobi

10,000 per session

8.     Prevention program session for students, teachers and parents – Private schools – within Nairobi

20,000 per session

9.     Church program for prevention (e.g. ex-cans)

10,000 per session

10.  Talks in churches on mission        

As a church wishes to bless the ministry

11.  Cooperates prevention program

Individuals counseling as (1 & 2)

20,000 per session



Sessions are estimated at 2 hours

Prices are given for venues within Nairobi

Transport costs are not included in the rate card prices

*Organic detox aid 500mls bottle                                           Kes. 500/- ($5)

*Restoring Broken Lives: The Center Diary                           Kes. 2,200/- ($20)