Vision and Mission

To provide faith-based residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers funded by donations providing spiritual, academic and vocational training, equipping individuals to return to society as responsible citizens.


  • We believe that the transformation process happens best in a long-term residential setting for people with substance abuse problems.
  • We believe that all life-controlling drug addiction problems can be permanently overcome.
  • We believe that a balance of love and accountability needs to permeate every aspect of the Teen Challenge residential setting for the individual to succeed in the program – and subsequently in society.
  • We believe that God is the catalyst for change for people with life-controlling drug and alcohol problems.
  • We believe that excellence best serves the people we help and therefore we are committed to excellence in everything we do.
  • We believe that the people we serve are best helped with team work from all sectors of society including the staff, volunteers, government and the community at large.