The Program

Teen Challenge is a 12-month faith-based residential rehabilitation program for men and women (housed separately) over the age of 18 years who are struggling with addiction to alcohol and drugs or any other life controlling issues. We advocate an abstinence faith-based approach as opposed to the traditional disease-model of treatment.
The program is divided into three stages:

Phase I (Induction Phase) includes group classes, character development, relational guidance, social skills and recreation.
Phase II (Training Phase) sees students tutored in developing positive attitudes, trustworthiness,
empathy, work skills and a strong sense of responsibility.
Phase III (Transition Phase) emphasizes leadership skill, mentoring, preparation for re-integration
into society, self-discipline, and an ‘outward&’ focus.

Eligibility Requirements

– Life-controlling and/or substance abuse problem
– Minimum age of 18 years
– Commitment to a 12-month program
– Evidence of a sincere desire for help
– Willingness to consider a faith-based approach
– Not dependent upon psychotropic medications
– Demonstrating a cooperative attitude

What you can expect upon entry to Teen Challenge

– Immediate removal of all addictive substances (including cigarettes)
– Daily structured program
– Mandatory daily participation in the program
– Limited off-property privileges (passes can be earned)
– Limited outside contact (phone, visits)

The staff commitment to the students

– We pledge to serve every student with the highest level of compassion, respect and guidance.
– We commit to define and meet the needs of students, assisting them in reaching their highest potential.
– We dedicate ourselves to mentor meaningful relationships.