Rev. Dr. Emily Obwaka: Executive Director, Kenya


As the Executive Director of Teen Challenge Kenya I am charged with the responsibility of overseeing the ministry – its operations, its relationships and its growth focusing on seeing addicts transformed to become disciples of Jesus Christ; bringing HOPE within reach of every addict in Kenya and beyond.

My journey to this place of service came from coming face to face with addiction in the family. Watching as addiction made a mockery of my loved ones lives, I saw them bound and broken in this vice which they had absolutely no control over. God invited me to serve Him in this ministry and how exciting it is to see Him at work miraculously changing lives for this life and eternity.  Teen Challenge offers the only true hope to true freedom through Jesus Christ.


Pastor Lucas Orimba: Deputy Executive Director, Kenya

Pastor Lucas Orimba serves as the deputy executive director in Teenchallenge of Kenya. He oversees the smooth operation of all the centers. It has been a privilege and learning experience for him having served under the mentorship of TCK founders for ten years, Rev. John and Anne Martin.  GTC Africa director Dr. Jacobus Nomdoe, Erica Nomdoe, GTC evangelists Pastor Bernie and Cathy Gillot have continued to be a great inspiration to him through their heart of servant leadership.






Peter Ndirangu: Program Director, Kiambu

Peter Ndirangu serves as the program director at Kiambu Men’s centre. His role is to ensure a smooth day to day running of the Kiambu men program. He has trust in the transforming power of God through Teen challenge because he is a product of God’s grace found at Teen Challenge. His desire is for others also to experience it, for to those whom much is given, then much is expected.







Felix Mbithi: Program Director, Nakuru

Felix Mbithi serves as the program director at Nakuru men’s centre.








Pastor Joy Karanja: Program Director, Kiambu Women’s Centre

Pastor Joy Karanja serves as the program director at Kiambu Women’s centre.

I make sure that daily running of the center activities is up to standard. This includes staff meeting, daily students program runs smoothly and mentoring our girls. I also make sure that the spiritual needs for the staff and students is well taken care of.

My purpose for serving here was triggered by the need I have seen firsthand of addiction in my family and my love for seeing women transformed and changed from addictive patterns; to become all that God has called them to be.